Emergency Eye Care Clinic In Vaughan & Woodbridge
If you believe you have an urgent eye matter, please contact the clinic at 905-856-3937 during regular operating hours. For after-hours urgent care, please go to the emergency.

Annual eye exams are always a good idea, but sometimes you need to pick up the phone and schedule an urgent care visit to the eye doctor. Some eye conditions can lead to further complications and vision loss. Some vision diagnoses extend beyond your eyes and involve systemic disease. There is no definition of what is defined as an eye emergency, so if you feel that you need to receive any kind of treatment for your eyes, contact your eye doctor in Vaughan as soon as possible.

These eye-care emergencies require immediate medical attention from our emergency eye care in Vaughan: Traumatic eye injury/accidents, Foreign body or chemical burn , Noticeable vision changes, Different size pupils, Different size pupils, Bulging eyes, Headaches, glaucoma and family history, eye burning or stinging, decreased or double vision , bruising and/or bleeding around the eye, blood in the white of the eye, discharge from the eye.

If you have an emergency call our clinic at 905-856-EYES (3937)